Taking Pride in Getting the Jam Out…..

It’s April. Almost Easter. My brain has been full of thoughts of.. Administrative Professionals Week and the annual cruise brunch that my chapter (Go Capital Chapter!) sets up, the Saturday before Administrative Professionals Day.

I must admit to being disheartened at friends and family who believe that being an admin is below me. What does that mean really? I have to pester my husband to no end to recognize the effort and work put in by the two administrative staffers at the company where he works. Some people call it doing the sh.. work no one else wants to do.

That’s partly true I suppose… very few folks like to do collection calls, copy and collate books for board meetings, order the catering for the next staff meeting, or the big one.. replace the toner cartridge on the printer. I guarantee they are glad there is someone who finishes the job for them.

I swear, there ought to be a degree (some sort of Associates in engineering) for admins.. earned by years of a) clearing paper jams, b) replacing toner parts c) salvaging pda’s -post coffee spill. Seriously, one time, my husband (in a company of engineers and sales) told me that they couldn’t find a paper jam in this huge copier and no one had used it for 6 Months!! Naturally, I showed off.. drove with him to the office, pulled open every single nook, cranny and tray… lo! and behold! there it was… Can you imagine.. not using a major piece of equipment because of that? I gloated.. (I guess I still am..)

What’s my point? The admins who are willing to take on adminstrative stuff.. fun, not fun and sometimes downright tedious.. keep the machinery moving… the company, the cash flow, the morale..

Think about that the next time the admin in your workplace lets you know the color printer is up and running again. Odds are .. the admin fixed it….

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.