What I know that I don’t know-credit Peter King, SI

What I know.. that I don’t know. I credit Peter King, writer for Sports Illustrated for today’s comment style. Check him out on SI.com and you’ll understand.

The key here is to acknowledge the rapid impact of technology on the admin profession and to talk about the technologies in which I am not well-rounded.

Ahh.. the Blackberry. Yes. I know how to purchase one and how to hand it over to the IT guys to get it to be compatible with a PC. In reality, I should know how to do it myself. Although I do know how to go to the service provider site and empty the mailbox to make room for more emails.

Podcasts/I-Pod. Oooh.. I’m really showing my age. But I am bound and very determined to learn more about business podcasts and more about download technology for MP3 files. etc.

Web Design.. Now.. this is really a bit much. So I am taking action on this one. I firmly believe all admins should have a basic idea of how to set up a webpage and post it. I’m starting my class tomorrow with a fine person that sets up my daughter’s school webpage.

Fourth, Adobe Acrobat. This is crucial to the still popular company newsletter. My previous supervisor was a MASTER of this software. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to really learn from her. To see her work, go to www.coreocean.org and see the weekly newsletter they post. It’s impressive.

So, it’s important to know what things we need to improve upon and more important to take action. My next step is to prioritize the learning list and conquer those items. Then I can go to my next list.. which I’ve already started.

What’s on your list? Is there a knowledge gap at your office if someone is out ill? Web-meetings? Setting up Videoconferencing? Developing Office Manuals? How about setting up LCD projectors? . That one is not so hard to do.

I’d love to hear about them. Please share!

Author: KMK Foley

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