Education on Your Company’s Dollar?

Many companies offer employees some sort of training and/or education benefit. Generally these benefits are granted either after a certain amount of time of service with the company and/or provided that the coursework is relevant to the job.

These opportunities are often passed up by employees for a variety of reasons, but the importance of utilizing these opportunities should not be overlooked.

In the administrative profession, the range of skills needed on a daily basis to perform at competent level allows for a wide-range of course options that would fall under the “coursework relevant to the position” definition. What about taking on Spanish? Or Chinese? Project management courses? Desktop publishing? As the world becomes more globally aware, the corporate world is doing so at light speed. Making yourself a valued worker is vital as the US economy begins to slow, and the role of the administrative professional continues to morph.

For me, I’ve always put training, development and education at the forefront of my interview questions because it usually relays how serious the company is about development for all staff, not just management. Of course, there is an implicit agreement, and sometimes stated policy in place to ensure that employees don’t use their upgraded knowledgebase to bolt for another company or better paying position.

This Saturday, I’ll depart for my first major conference dedicated to the my career as an administrative professional. The International Association of Administrative Professionals Conference and Educational Forum, being held in Reno, NV. I’ll be networking with over 2000 of my peers, some from within my very own Capital Chapter, and attending sessions directly related to my current job. These sessions will include project management, budgeting skills, lease reviews and skills for training other professionals.

I hope to be able to blog about my convention experience while I am there and also share some of the new and cool stuff I will be learning.

More from the road..

Thanks to my current employer for providing me this opportunity and investment in my career development.

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