Day 2-IAAP 61st Annual Convention-Candidates

Here it is .. .Day two of our convention.
Since time is of the essence to get this message out.. let me split right down to how I see it.

Great Stuff vs. Huh?

First, the Business Session.
Great stuff: Parade of Nations, Introduction of Candidates for International Office and A/V set up so all could see.. and my favorite part.. the Association update from the Executive Director. Ooh one more.. reminding everyone to turn off their cell phones!!

Huh?: Having all 32 candidates give their speeches in one long session. Definitely a disadvantage to the candidates who presented LATE in the program. Way past lunch time and way past tuning in. As much as I really admire and respect our outgoing IAAP President Kay Enlow.. the presentation was too long… and too much. For a first timer, it seemed overwhelming and hard to remain engaged.

Let me address the candidates presentations.

Great Stuff: The candidates that presented their qualifications for office with no gimmicky rhymes or cutesy efforts. TWO male candidates for international board positions. (One of them mentioned the importance of blogging and Web 2.0!.. Yeah.. I’ll make sure he has my weblog address.). Now.. if we could just work on diversity in ethnic representation on the board.. we’d be making progress.

And, one candidate actually addressed the importance of bringing along younger members!!!! She got my vote.. because she addressed the unspoken elephant in the room.. we had better start getting respecting the younger crowd coming through and getting them involved… or their won’t be a generation to fill leadership roles in chapters and throughout IAAP.

leave it to say… if I heard how “passionate” these candidates for office were one more time, I’d have been in heat… ok , seriously. The speeches had a tendency to sound scripted and boring. Then, we had the other extreme, the super gimmicky folks……trying to be clever, but instead completely diluted their STRENGTH of competency for the positions they were vying for……

These folks needed to practice their speech in front of other professionals.. so they could see how it would play.

Last comment before I sign off for the day. The expo.. didn’t get to it. The scheduling did not allow for it today… much to my chagrin. We had a district caucus scheduled which I’m glad I attended, but it seemed to repeat much of the business section from this morning AND
because the morning session ran late.. there was not time to get to the expo. Lesson learned.

Very informative.. but tiring would be my evaluation of the day. Now we have a social function scheduled for the evening.

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