DAY 4- A Strategic Plan

Day 4 it is.. and still going..though I’m writing… many folks are back at the convention site watching and listening to the ‘Fab Four’ Beatles Tribute group…. fun.. but I needed to get this written. There won’t be a blog on Friday evening.. I’ll still be traveling.

The main gist of this morning’s business sessions was focused on the IAAP Strategic Plan for 2006-2010.

Don Bretthauer, the Assoc. President made some very good points about issues surrounding multiple chapters in one small geographic location (ie..Washington, DC) and also presented more information on the new Web based Community initiative coming late Spring of next year. At the open mike opportunity, one participating member stated that the annual fee per chapter (estimated at $300 per yr) would be too expensive for the smaller chapters to afford. I can see that being a real problem.

Today was also the first day of educational sessions. ( I need to do a separate blog on there is so much info to share.) However, one convention attendee told me that for her first two sessions, neither speaker was present. I believe that Dr. Fenner from IAAP covered one of the sessions, but the other one was straight out canceled.

These postings are getting shorter as the week goes on and I get MORE tired. .. so m y apologies.. I hope to get a full posting out to you guys sometime this weekend.. as soon as I get a day to sleep in!


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  1. Dear Super PPN:I have really enjoyed reading your blog comments on the IAAP Convention and your various comments and point of views on several issues. I, too, hope that we can get more male members to join the IAAP. Being a retired military vet, I know that there are lots of male admin types who have left the service and who would add a rich resource to IAAP. The question is, how do we go about locating these potential members?Signed,Reader

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