More observations- IAAP Convention in Reno, NV

Delayed posting from August 2006– my apologies….

8/14/06….AIYEEE… Sorry folks.. a bit distracted by the Airline/AirTerror issues which meant a very. very long trip home. BUT.. enough said.. Let’s get to a bunch of final observations about the IAAP convention.

Courses- 3 out of 4 courses I would rate an A-/B+. Topics were relevant, presenters excited about being in front of our group and sesions were timed to be short enough to keep attendees attention.

My favorite course was Building Budgeting Skills for Admins (see www. for presenter info). Best presenter. Best presentation of condensed complicated material. If your division or chapter can afford her! Hire her to do one one of your regional programs.

The 4th course was presented by two professionals that have done many previous sessions for our attendees. Very casual and relaxed, but not nearly as informative or focused as I would’ve liked. The course was supposed to relate Cool New Software.. but I found that my expectations were for a more defined presentation. I cannot honestly say I could do it better, but yet I was disappointed.

Personally, I think the courses would be better placed in the beginning of the week. By Wednesday and Thursday.. folks are more than ready to be done and gone. I’m not second-guessing Inge (IAAP’s meetings planner). I’m stating my personal preference. Here’s how I’d do it.

  • Eliminate Sunday eve first timers orientation. BUT, connect with veteran attendees.*
  • Monday- Business Session am / Courses afternoon then District Caucus-Dance Social eve
  • Tuesday-Business Session am Elections and Courses 3:30-5:30
  • Wednesday- All day expo- 8-5 Courses offered throughout the day
  • Thursday- Town Hall- or Expo 9-2′ – Installation and Dinner

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