It’s Better to Look Good, Than to Feel Good- Part III

I had another experience recently. which made me want to continue visiting the theme… It’s better to look good, than to feel good.

Washington DC may be the biggest little city you’ve ever experienced. And if you have ever worked in DC- Well then, you inherently know the main facets of surviving the workforce in this area, which are:
1- Everyone knows everyone. It’s a very small city, and people make it their business to know your business.

2- Image is EVERYTHING. No kidding.

Here is what got me started on this tear – Picture this, if you will. (DC Area workers will really appreciate this.. but trust me.. it can happen anywhere.)

Beautiful young lady…. Dressed impeccably- Very sharp….

Absolute FILTH… spewing from her mouth ( I think I did mention this in an earlier blog..) while talking on cell to what I imagine must’ve been her best buddy.
And I mean, every nasty hardcore profanity you can imagine.. a true invective about whomever ticked her off..

Now- I guarantee I will never forget her.. this crazy schism of polish and potty mouth. I bet few people on that early morning – very quiet, otherwise, subway ride will forget her either. You see, in DC.. most folks sleep on the way into the city or doze or read.. it’s very quiet except during tourist season. And, See Point #1- Everyone knows Everyone.

So- this gal gets off at a major stop, and heads into a well-known VIP office building. Some lady visiting from out of town, riding the Metro for the first time. She’s not thrilled about riding in with Ms. Foul- Mouth..but.. just happens to be going to the same building. Thirty minutes later- this lady walks from HR to meet her staff — you see -she was just brought on as EVP for HR. When she enters the conference room, she begins to introduce herself… and guess who is there? Ms. Foul-Mouth.

Think this is a bunch of baloney???

Well, let me relay one more story.

Driving my daughter to daycare.. about five years ago. Several cars with parents.. all in a hurry to get their kid to the daycare and dropped off. Not necessarily the most polite driving headed down this road.. maybe a little tailgating.. So the lead driver flips the bird.

Bad career move.

lead driver = Daycare teacher
following driver = parent whose salary pays said Daycare teacher
unemployed = daycare teacher

Get the point.

I’m not saying, “Don’t vent.” I’m saying –Be aware of your surroundings. Vent somewhere safe (preferably your HOME..) and vent to someone that does not work near you, in your building, your company OR – your industry.

It’s very hard to look good.. when you sound like a post-nuclear Olive Oyl (sp?) with whiskey-enhanced potty mouth in a public location. (Of course you can’t really look good at all – if you look like Popeye’s gal anyhow.) But I’m sure you understand where I’m going.

We’re all human… and we do human things. We get frustrated. We curse. We slam file cabinet doors. But, hopefully we never have to recover from a gaffe like this gal in the story above.

Maybe this particular posting will give pause to folks to think about their behaviour, their use of language, how they come across..when they think no one is paying attention. I guarantee you.. someone is paying attention, whether we realize it or not.

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.