Administrative Professionals Day- 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary to the SuperPPN Blog- which was started in 2006 just before Capital Chapter held its annual APW Brunch Cruise.

I’m pleased to report a wide-readership and although most folks comment.. they do not comment directly to the blog. I was also pleased to be able to report information from a more personal perspective – from the IAAP International meeting in Reno last summer. The purpose was to convey some of what happens at International to folks in my chapter and elsewhere that could not attend. I hope to continue the effort this year.

A quick note about the word- Professional. What does it imply? It implies plenty.

To me- it means that when an employee is professional, they:
1. Show up to work on time
2. Show up dressed in business attire as required by their employer
3. They don’t indulge in gossip or stirring the pot in the workplace
4. They are willing to learn new tasks
5. They pursue educational and career development -either on line, by reading, by joining a professional organization, by taking classes, by asking for new projects at work
6.They fess up when they mess up. This is a personal favorite. It’s a sign of maturity and responsbility. They also work with others to correct the mess if they can.
7. They encourage others to learn and grow
8. They are realists or sometimes optimists..but they are not pessimists
9. They have superb manners
10. They ask questions to get as many of the details ahead of time for projects

So tomorrow, I’ll head off with one of my newest networking peers to the American Red Cross in Washington DC, where the APW Briefing by satellite will be broadcast. We’ll network with other administrative professionals and share the pride in our profession.

(And then.. I’ll take the weekend to celebrate my birthday! hooray!)

Enjoy Administrative Professionals Day- Everyone!

Author: KMK Foley

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