Division of Labor- Labor of Love (?)

What do these two phrases have in common?- Division of Labor and Labor of Love

Well, when you think about Division of Labor (hereout called DOL), one thinks of many hands pitching in to help on a project in one fashion or another. When one thinks of a Labor of Love — it conjurs the image of an effort made to complete or succeed at something that does not necessarily have a monetary reward at the end of the effort.

These two thoughts come to mind as my IAAP Chapter prepares to host the 2007 Annual Division Meeting for DE-MD-DC Division in the Southeast District. This has indeed been a fine example of the Division of Labor..(and we’ll visit this some more later in the blog) and what is a labor of love.

let’s visit the DOL first-

Division is the key word here-
As chapter members- we avoided division (small d) and supported the Division (big d).

Our efforts as a chapter within- involved division of labor to cover the unending number of details to make this event successful. Sometime DOL caused delays.. more hands in the kitchen as it goes…

Now for the Labor of Love.. well.. Hell.. would anyone normally sign up for this many hours of work without wanting to see some kind of $$ at the end of it? I don’t think so, Skippy. Fact is, whenever someone chooses to VOLUNTEER.. they are inherently stating.. “This cause is important to me. I choose to invest my time and my energy into something that will provide an INTANGIBLE return to me at some point… whether it be good kharma, building up leadership skills, helping out a friend-knowing they’ll do the same for you in the future… any of those things.

It’s a late night ramble.. I confess. I’ve been having loads of dreams.. some so weird–I’m afraid to mention for fear of being committed to a ward… but I know it is all related to both of these issues.

DOL- It applies everywhere..

Home (-See getting offspring and/or spouse to help with Laundry Room and Bath)

Work (- How many admins does it take to change a color cartridge toner in a super advanced HP Colorprinter… or, decide on a flavor of birthday cake for an office party?)

Personal– We don’t usually get hair, nails and waxing (I’VE NEVER DONE) in one sitting… do we? Of course NOT! This applies to another Division.. called, Division of Paycheck… but hey.. that’s another Blog all together.

note: I’ll be posting a blog during the May 17-20 Division Meeting -Which is SOLD OUT!! — but remember.. these are my personal viewpoints… and don’t necessarily reflect any opinions of my chapter or chapter peers.

Author: KMK Foley

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