First Timers Orientation- 2007 Division Annual Meeting

Just completed the First Timers orientation. It’s kind of a misnomer because I had actually attended the 2001 or 2003 Virginia Division meeting back when I belonged to the Roanoke Chapter.

Basically this is a review of the lay of the land or what the expectations are of members in attendance.

It gives the newbies the opportunity to ask questions about the business sessions and generally get the lay of the land. Today’s session was presented by Past Division President,
Roberta Miller CAP, and current International Southeast Division Director, Tamra Goodall CPS/CAP.

According to the registration, there were approximately 50 first time attendees.. These are the attendees that have never attended a Division Annual Meeting. We had about 30 folks attend the session and it was great for the back and forth… actually more of a group discussion rather than a didactic session.

Very nice. Lots of Capital Chapter members attended.. I think I counted 6 or 7 of us.

Also noted that the next Annual Division meeting will be held in Newark, DE hosted by the Delaware chapter.

Now… it’s time to head off to the LUAU!!!!

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