Meeting Anne Rhodes- IAAP Member

I had the opportunity to meet Anne Rhodes- a 50+ year member of IAAP this past weekend at the DE-MD-DC 2007 Annual Division meeting. This amazing 84 year old member of IAAP was a joy to be around and listen to the stories she had to tell.

Anne is a current member of the District of Columbia Chapter- IAAP and served as past DE-MD-DC Division President in 1961 & 1962, then served again from 1972-1974.
Her pin scarf is decorated with not only IAAP pins.. but PSI pins.. from all over the country. They were as colorful as the suit she was wearing Saturday..and as sunny as her personality.
Here’s some of her story. When Anne left college, she went to work for Dow Corning Corporation- and worked with them, including an office opening in Florida. She had to learn a skill back then, which is vital to today’s workforce! Speaking Spanish!

But first.. guess what..??!! Anne and I went to the same College! Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg VA! It is a very small world. Just goes to show … you never know what fun stuff you can learn about when networking with other IAAP members!

Anne went to work for American Red Cross Home Service and stayed through WWII, and when the war was over went to Labor Management Corporation in DC and worked with them through their office move to Prince George’s County. It became too far of a commute, and she resigned and hasn’t worked in the field since that time. She says, ” It was time enough for me to relax.”

Absolutely cool…

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