What happens when turnover happens, Part II

So, I mentioned in the previous blog that there are at least two more waves to ride–they are coming my way.. given that my supervisor resigned shortly after I took this new position.

First, the new supervisor quandry. As it typically happens when there is a power vacuum- there will be someone who steps in.. Luckily, my company already had a transition plan in place. I have a temporary supervisor–until the new one is hired. However, co-workers can be mistaken into thinking that with no “real” supervisor–that you, in fact, have no work. Therefore, Can’t you help them with their project.. just until your new boss arrives? Au Contraire..

This harkens back to the previous blog. One can either use this downtime to totally screw-off and slack as much as possible. Or, as I hope to try to do.. get uber-organized. Use this time to really label, alphabetize,throw away, clean- and setup a superb filing system.

I also hope to use this time to learn more about our client base, more about what others do in my organization. Will I pitch in? Absolutely.

Next quandry… what if the new supervisor brings their own admin? Or, doesn’t need one at all? Hmmm. It’s true. The younger generation of management tends to type their own documents, set their own appt schedules via PDA. But, I believe it is incumbent upon my own job security to be proactive and pre-prepare items for the current boss-in-charge for now, so that I continue to place my value-added contributions on a visual basis. I am responsible for ensuring my own workplace continuity!

It’s tiring. I can spend loads of time focused on the what-ifs. But more importantly, now so more than ever, I show up on time. I communicate my workload to as many of the managers as a means of letting them know I’m working and NOT snoozing.. as we wait to replace my boss. I check in with them when I arrive and when I leave, not because I have to.. but because I want them to always know I am reliable, and I am there to work… I am grateful to be employed. I earn my salary….

So, I guess I’ll stay on this mental boogie-board for a few more weeks– and ride the waves. Luckily for me, I know how to swim and I know where the shore-line is!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer. Be sure to treat yourself to something nice. Life is short!

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.