IAAP- 2007 -Tampa

It is only 19 days until the International Assoc. of Administrative Professionals International Education/Symposium/Conference. I cannot wait!!!!

What’s the big fuss? Here’s what I have gotten out of only attending for the very first time, last year.

1.Networking- Professional contacts with peers and vendors galore. Resources far across the USA and a real appreciation of just how vital our profession truly is to the business world.

2. Education- Duh. I took a course last year on budgeting and finance. Worth every penny I spent to get to Reno. The instructor is teaching sessions again this year. Merge Gupta-Sunderji (sp?)….. Her teaching style is clear, progressive and useful. It is not patronizing nor boring.. I will definitely write a blog about this while in Tampa. Other courses included a sneak preview of Office2007… very cool.

Also important: the business sessions and general sessions.. which emphasized the dedication of our peer leaders and the importance of participation at every level. These men (yes, Sam Gill III-) and women represent us in the International Board of Directors. They are key to shaping the future of our industry.

3. Fun. Oh, yeah.. fun… Everyone has their unique definition of fun. Mine involved dancing.. I love to dance… and the Evening of Welcome was no different last year. Plus, we had a FANTASTIC Tina Turner impersonator-courtesy of one of the Hawaiian Division members. So imagine.. If a member can travel all the way from Hawaii.. you KNOW it had to be worth it.

4. Travel. I don’t get to travel for business very often. It’s enjoyable to sit next to someone on the plane and discuss IAAP. It’s an opportunity to educate and inform! Plus, flying into Reno provided one of the most beautiful landscapes with pastel skies.. that I have ever seen with maybe the exception of Key West. I’ve never been to Tampa…. but this year.. I’ll be going early.. AND catching the RedSox game with folks from the Northeast Division. How cool is that? (So, that really counts as #5- make new friends..)

I encourage you, as you read this, to think hard. ? To paraphrase Janet Jackson- What have you done for yourself lately? Even if you cannot attend this year’s convention… start planning now. The date for next year’s event in New Orleans is already posted on the IAAP website (www.iaap-hq.org). Start making a list of the benefits your company can obtain by sending you.. or if they won’t.. then do it for yourself. We create our own success but effort and dedication.

I hope to write one more time before heading out to Tampa.. but if not, keep checking back.. I will write from Tampa!

Author: KMK Foley

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