Going through changes…. in more ways than one!

Change. Change. Change.

Over and over.. I’ve covered the topic of change in the workplace in one fashion or another. I’ve even covered the change in fashions..

So today.. I feel compelled to share some experiences with change.. on a more… personal (but not tmi) level.

Ever had to shop for a GALA gown? let’s face it.. unless we’re Loni Anderson.. I suspect a majority of us … have body anxiety about buying a ball gown.. So imagine if it is for a WORK event! aiyeee!

There I was.. late Sunday evening… loaded up on sinus meds and anti-biotics (office building cold germs attacked me last week..)…. trolling the Internet looking for an affordable (under $200.00) ballgown- made for a post-kid, longtime into marriage body of an over 40year old admin. And folks.. Let me tell you… the experience was U-G-L-Y.

The dresses were ugly.
They were made for maternity wear.
They were caftans stolen from Elizabeth Taylor’s closet.
They were .. …. polyester. Not silk. Not organza. Not sateen.


I guess that is what prompts women like me.. to buy (on credit, mind you) one fairly expensive black dress.. that — if I put a gold scarf on it.. carry a small bag.. and wear cocktail heels.. might pass for a gala. Now.. it’s not floor length.. so I’ll probably be bashed by the fashion police anyhow.. and puh-leeze.. don’t even ask about the nails. Not me, not now.

But on a more interesting note… Enough of the dress drama..

Work is all about change. Change in staff. Change in bosses. Constant change of priorities.

The most successful adapters.. appear to the most successful in the workplace. In my opinion… the positive adapters.. not giddy. silly Sally smiley positive.. but true realists that are happy for job security.. and do their best, gain the most ground and the most respect.

Change. Well, I’m still riding that wave of turnover at my workplace.. and endeavoring to remain focused, positive and pro-active. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? And..

The dress? Well, let’s just say.. I went with two.. just in case I CHANGE… ha ha.. my mind!

Good night gang…

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.

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