Volunteering– part II

Back to reviewing the issue of volunteering- this time in the workplace.
I’ve visited this issue before– knowing when to take initiative vs. being taken advantage of.. but I’d like to ponder on it some more.

Ever been asked to help out on a new project team? How were you approached? Was it actually a directive and not an option?

What happens when you volunteer and the workload shifts?

I know that one of the academic institutions I worked for .. “highly encouraged” its administrative staff to be team leaders for a fundraising charity the organization supported.. probably because admins know pretty much everyone in the organization… at least by name if not personally.

Have you ever run into a situation when volunteering- you are asked to ask others to donate their time? Ask superiors to donate money or time? It can be quite awkward.

I think there are some great ideas out there in different workplaces that allow staff to take time to volunteer for an organization the company supports– if the person wants to.. but it is not mandated.

What pro-bono projects does your company support? Are you required to show participation as part of your annual review? As CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) takes hold in corporate America as a best practice- it will be interesting to see if it is impacted by the financial challenges of our current economy. Will these programs be eliminated because they do not support the bottom line? Will companies turn their CSR internally to help their own employees that struggle with financial issues or healthcare costs?

Just some food for thought.

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