Old School Supplies I Still Love….

Have you ever admitted a love for office supplies to your admin peers? Maybe not directly but start talking about the demise of a product or the buyout of a really great office supply vendor.. and before you know it…. You’ve got any and every admin with a favorite gadget or company talking animatedly and unabashed about their feelings.

I have three great office supply loves.. maybe four or five..

1) Sharpies- Need I say more?

2) My Whiteboard- couldn’t/wouldn’t want to live without it

3) My 3M Ergonomic Mouse ( ok… so this is not Old School)

4)My non-traditional staple remover- it’s flat and helps pry open the prongs instead of the grab and tear-tooth kind of remover

5)College lined spiral notebooks 8 x 11 preferably the kind with really strong hard cardboard covers.

Love my sharpies..

My Whiteboard.. helps me post my to-do list .. so when folks come in my office.. they can see the Task List I have.. it can be a great deterrent or serve to show your boss and office mates just how busy you REALLY are….

My ergonomic mouse which was demonstrated for us at a Capital Chapter IAAP event. It looks like a joystick.. but it has completely taken away the tendinitis in my right index finger — which was dying from clicking on a traditional mouse

My non-traditional staple remover– This nifty gadget allows me to remove staples from all size documents.. and really eliminates the tear factor that happens with regular staple removers

Spiral bound college lined notebooks… I know we keep electronic to do lists and the task bar in outlook.. but nothing keeps it clear to me the amount of work I do.. and accomplish as much as the notebook.. It allows me to write as large as I like and as much as I like.. and I can bend/flag pages as necessary to refer back to.. AND.. the true sense of accomplishment when you fill an entire notebook.. I keep them because I end up referring back to them for some obscure note my boss passed to me on a sticky.. I know I’ve taped into my task notebook.. and love being able to find it again 8 months down the road when the topic becomes live again.

So these work for me.. I’m certain.. everyone has a favorite office supply or two!

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One thought on “Old School Supplies I Still Love….”

  1. I would have to agree with the notebook, although I use mine as a to-do list and cross items off as I complete them. Once I’ve finished a page I throw it out, although I can see it might be a good idea to keep it to look back on.I also like that staple remover you mention. It definitely avoids holes in the document.It doesn’t seem that old, but I love little yellow stickies. I use them for writing notes on a file or correspondence with instructions on what I need to do.And you can’t beat a highlighter for bringing things to your attention on a file.Paperclips and clamps are handy and can you ever find enough tacks to put things on the wall of your cubicle?Nice to see you writing again,Patricia

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