Dress for Success? Revisiting a Tough Subject

Nothing like summertime heat of 98degrees and 40 percent humidity to make one want to head for the casual clothes.

Here it is.. Summer in DC. Let me tell you.. the interns.. geeez… didn’t their career counselors teach them ANYTHING about business dress?

Image is everything in DC. So… a word to the wise. If one wants to be seen as a serious career-business person.. one must suffer for the cause. It means suits, or a dress with a jacket. Summertime, one can get by with sandals that are dressy..but there is a fine line between flip flop and sandal flats. What about guys? Well,… I spotted my first guy in suit with flip-flop sandals on.. on our Metro system. Suffice to say he looked absolutely ridiculous..

I realize I sound old fashioned… but if I’m in charge of hiring.. and lots of HR folks are my age… then how off can I be?

Professional. Here’s a test I use. If you suddenly had to meet with a diplomat or SVP.. would you be worried about if you were too casual? If so.. then you probably are.

Just as a great piece of advice someone gave me about my car one time….keep it clean enough so you won’t be embarrassed if you have to give your boss or your client a ride somewhere.

Just some thoughts…

Author: KMK Foley

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One thought on “Dress for Success? Revisiting a Tough Subject”

  1. Timely post. I have seen people in outfits they really shouldn’t be wearing to work.Men in flip flops with a suit…Don’t want to go there!

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