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Uncomfortable topics.. Board Leaders and Bosses

So.. Here’s today’s question..What do you do.. when a boss/supervisor or Board member has an idea or says something in group setting that makes you WAY uncomfortable?

Here’s my take- excuse yourself, if possible and step away!

Of course, when it comes to personal affronts or inappropriate advances.. I’d say something else..but I’m talking about when some idea conceived and perceived by higher ups as BRILLIANT.. and maybe you are afraid it is really going to stink… Remember this. Unless you are the CEO or Chairperson of the Board/Corporation- you are not responsible for their gaffes..

It’s not really repression.. or oppression.. it’s called smart career move. Only you know what you really can and cannot state directly to your higher ups..but I’m often reminded of my standings in the food chain.

A friend of mine suggested looking at the situation this way. In a few years.. heck, maybe a few months… who will really remember if your board of directors thought it would be great to all wear matching bug antennae headbands at the opening party. No one is going to think it was all YOUR idea.. they’ll probably sit around after a few rounds and say, :”Whose idea was that, anyway?”

In the big map of our career journey.. it is just not that important to tell them what we think… of course , unless, they ask… and then be VERY careful about your response.

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