When to say When & Other New Years Thoughts

After 8 years of heavy involvement in a professional association I strongly support (IAAP).. I recently decided to take a break from it. Not one particular thing lead to my decision, but a combination of many small things.. as it usually is when we make changes.

I had to give myself permission to say “When”. I remember as a small child, my three brothers taking turns to tickle me- until I was crying from laughing so hard, my stomach cramped and balled up on the floor squealing with glee. Yet, if I didn’t yell, “Stop!” it ceased to be funny, enjoyable or sometime even made me start to hack and wheeze because I couldn’t breathe. This is certainly an extreme example of knowing when to take a break..but you get the point.

I believe it is healthy to be honest and tell friends — ” I just can’t do this. I’m sorry.” It doesn’t make it easier. I just knew the passion wasn’t there to support the effort and instead of being positive – I found myself becoming quite snippy and snarly with people I admire and respect. My spirit wanted to focus on other joys in my life.. and so here I am, writing again.

I spent the past month – after my employer left the area, trying to interview and seek other Exec Admin positions. Gratefully, my skillsets, certifications and experience were enough to gain me several interviews in a very trying economy. Yet, time after time- I was not receiving the call back for the job or for a second interview. What I learned from my recruiter friends.. is that my waning enthusiasm was telegraphing in the interviews. Interviewers would relay to my recruiters that I seemed “detached” and not really into it. Sometimes our own bodies DO betray us.

So I enjoyed the month with my husband and daughter, got in some volunteer work with other organizations I had not been able to dedicate time towards and really just slowed down. I decided to accept temporary position with a very prestigious society, at lower pay and better hours. I had to say, “When”. My heart and soul needed the break.. and I admit, though nervous about the financial side of things, my state of mind has improved immensely.

Looking into the new year, I set some goals for myself that involve recharging that “joie de vivre” and enjoying other areas of life besides career improvement and development. I’ve even let our daughter hook me up to the Wii Fit game and start learning some Yoga… (stop laughing.. I know it is a riot to imagine ME doing yoga..). It’s all good.. as Martha says.

Here’s wishing everyone a very prosperous and peace-filled New Year.

Author: AdminRenegade

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