Sharepoint and Association Management Software

Good evening, all.. from snowy DC Metro. Per usual, most things closed today for 5 -7 inches of snow. This area is not equipped to handle snowfall…it is too infrequent to get a groove on handling it consistently every winter.

This brings me to the point of learning new programs. Just as admins became proficient in Office 2003, we are now dealing with the change to Office 2007. I have also recently become introduced to Sharepoint and another Customer Relations Management or Association Management type software. Think of it ACT! for the associations world, if you will.

Even though I am learning how to use these new software programs, I will not be able to become proficient or expert in them unless I use them on a daily basis. I have the same issues with Microsoft Project and Publisher. I’ve used both of those programs, maybe a dozen or so times in the last two years, but not every day. Perhaps you’ve heard how difficult it is to learn a new language? Same idea. Unless you are dropped into the middle of Paris to work for an 18month assignment- odds are you aren’t going to really be able to converse fluently in French.

I have read many administrative professional-focused articles and blogs that suggest that admins utilize any slow or downtime from the taskload to play around in a software they don’t get to use often. I think this is a great idea and try to check out the lesser-used software whenever I can. It’s how I learned Access. I’m still not as proficient at Access as I would like to be, but at least I keep a better sense of familiarity with the toolbars and setups.

Happy March to all.. It certainly has come in like a Lion here in our area… before we know it.. it will be Spring.

Author: KMK Foley

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