A Different Look at Networking..

I recently attended a LinkedIn Networking event hosted by the Washington Capitals, and set up by their director of new media, Sean Parker. This was a brilliant event, though not as well attended as I hoped. But let me back up and give you the full story.

I have been working by contract since November, still in the administrative field. The job market as we all know too well, isn’t the greatest, but DC seems to be treading water for now–compared to the rest of our country. I had been searching for networking events that are attended by corporate executives, HR staff types– to really get to introduce myself in person in a non-interview atmosphere. I love to schmooze.. no lie. And, I love hockey.. as many of you already know. I totally lucked out when I joined up the Washington Capitals group on LinkedIn. Who knew in the midst of their best season, when tickets are very tough to come by.. Sean/The Capitals would host a LinkedIn event for the Capitals Group-prior to a home hockey game. I was so excited, I could hardly stand it. And, felt a little silly, too. Now, I have never gone to hockey game alone before, much less in a full skirtsuit..but there I was. I met some really great and interesting people, representing legal firms, cable contracting, public relations and another person that does voiceovers for a living! Some of the people I met were not familiar with executive assistants that freelance. The occaision gave me a chance to practice that 30 second “elevator” speech we’ve all heard about. I also learned about what the Capitals are doing to recognize and retain the diverse nature of their fanbase. (Now..if they can just ditch the ” Ice Girls– cheerleaders in hockey??.. not necessary, thanks.)

Although the team lost (major bummer..Ovechkin didn’t play), I considered the evening a success. Now I am looking at the other social and volunteer events I participate in.. to see if there are more opportunities to present my case as the best new hire any company could invest money towards. Instead of going to career fairs, I’ll go to my next volunteer event.. armed with my new business cards, my gift of schmooze and my optimism.

One last thought- and I’ve mentioned this issue before… I am always excited to share stories and share what I do for a living with other business people. So many of these people are thrilled to meet someone that really knows their admin stuff, loves being an admin and when they learn I actually took the time to earn both certifications– they are really impressed. We may be a dying breed, but I guarantee you- our profession is vital to the success of our country. If you are a competent, professional and mature admin- Hold your head high and know that we are appreciated for our contributions and respected by our peers. Ok.. nuff said!

I have to go Rock the Red, now… more soon.

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.

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