Why, Yes.. Attitude IS Everything…Why do you ask?

Just finished watching the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model with our 10yr old daughter.
Not just the show, but her reaction to it. She wanted to know how I knew which model was going to be kicked off the show.
Let me provide some background. Ever hear of the expression- ‘Self-fulfilling prophecy’?

The gist of the episode is that one model (say model #1) does not take the career seriously and it projects- One model (model #2) is constantly (verbally) full of self-doubt. And the loser on the episode is the one model that does not take her career seriously. She literally sabotaged herself right out of the job. The #2 model is not far from getting cast off herself. Her negativity is irritating the rest of her peers and her martyr act is really trying.

Now.. take this scenario and apply it to the regular workday office environment; replace the models with admins. The number 2 admin would SO be toast. Try whining about your workload when the rest of your admin team has had their workload double in the last few months. Think they’ll have your back? Nope.

But more interesting is the model #1/admin#1 scenario. Using humor to deflect fear can be a very unintentional way of sabotaging the effort. And I relate to this because it is my own natural instinct when I am afraid of appearing “less than” that this nasty habit comes right to the forefront. I think. I hope. I pray I did not misuse my humor today during the interview.

Humor is dangerous in the workplace.. we must use it very wisely and appropriately…or else we risk being perceived as not taking the job/the interview/the person sitting across from us seriously- and it can be perceived as disrespectful even though that is not the intention.

Today’s episode: A job interview. Two directors and two team support staff members. One large glass walled conference room. Two and one-half hours later… No kidding.

I took the opportunity in the interview to point out that career admins serve a larger purpose than appointment booking and making travel arrangements- we have the opportunity to streamline tasks and projects because we have centralized perspective! We can see the whole pie/enchilada/turkey ( Make your own food reference here.). If we are paying attention to detail (which is kind of our entire raison d’etre if you were)- we can contribute by connecting our teammates communications, and directing the flow of priorities to make the workflow smoother.

Attitudes are contagious. Being positive is great. I love the expression I heard in this Kirk Franklin and the Family song (which I’m sure he is not the originator of this phrase..) ” If you believe it- You can achieve it.”

Can I get an Amen?

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