The Trouble of Being "Too Nice"

There has been a running emotional stream of late, about being “too nice” in my life. By this I mean that either in my interactions with friends in the admin field, or dealing with the assistant principal of my daughter’s school, and perhaps even in my interviewing, there seems to be some sort of negative vibe or payback for being “too nice”. Payback is probably too strong a word.. Pushback would be more like it. Imagine trying to raise my daughter and tell her that she doesn’t have to be nice so she can survive middle-school, or telling an interviewer that “I’m tough as nails!” It’s an exaggerated point -certainly, but it seems to be pervasive.. something I need to review closer?

I’m not going to blog about a solution..because frankly- I don’t have one. It’s fairly disheartening that this would be something that would impact a performance review in a negative fashion. Mind you, there is a distinct difference between being nice- being too friendly (inappropriately in the workplace..if you get my drift) and, being customer-service centric. I happen to believe that the admins career field is supposed to be customer-service centric. Maybe I’m behind the times…

Author: KMK Foley

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