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Good morning, everyone.

Just a quick note about business and social networking because my sister in-law asked me to explain these new social stratospheres to her.

I think most of us know that Facebook and MySpace are more personal and family/friend -type on-line groups. And, as many HR professionals will tell you… if you are looking for a job, be sure to tighten down your privacy settings. For someone like me that has been blogging for a bit now and since I was involved with my university’s alumni board for many years–so much of my work and thoughts on not only admin life, but sports already there for employers to view.

I have three main sites that I use to keep perspective on business dealings and the overall administrative workforce. There are others, but these are the three that have the broadest perspective.

1. LinkedIn.
This business-centric social network provides two very important viewpoints for me. The first viewpoint is the overall global business perspective. My connections post up the lists of the books they are reading, the newslinks they find relevant and general varying and sometimes humorous commentary on the state of the workforce in our country. Secondly, joining career specific groups within this site such as Executive Assistants to CEOs or even International Association of Administrative Professionals, allows me to view and participate in discussions with peers that may or may not have as large of a participation rate on other sites.

2. OfficeArrow. Although I don’t get to this site as often as I would like,
is a must for any serious administrative professional. The discussion, articles and peer involvement has been exponential since its inception. The templates, software suggestions and discussion boards are so valuable. I recommend this site often to as many of my peers as possible. A valuable time investment and no cost, although now I do believe they are offering a premium service for a fee.


CEOExpress has been around for at least ten years. This web portal pulls together all business based web links that any Executive Assistant can use. Not only does it have a running stock ticker option ( and we all know how valuable that can be these days..) but it predates iGoogle in that it allowed you to establish your own tabs for needed links. So, three years ago, I set up my own administrative tab that had links to all the last minute type sites that admins can need such as Limo services, church and synagogue and other denominational listings for board members visiting town or for when my supervisor was traveling out of town, locations for currency exchanges, etc.. It also has links to the main press release sites for businesses, PRnewswire and BusinessWire. This site does not offer social networking… but does have a daily discussion – posted by the CEO Patricia Pomerleau. I subscribe to their premium service because I like their customer service and support. It also provides some access to some periodicals that require annual subscriptions.

Whatever your feeling about the web/Internet, it is going to be a key for resources and for helping admins be more efficient. Take some time to get lost in the search. Try out different search engines, read ZDNet, look at the big picture of business and then be sure to bookmark the gems you find. Ask your friends and family, especially that grad school niece or nephew for some suggestions of interesting sites, they are going to know the latest and greatest.

PS. About Twitter.. well, to be honest…. I sort of know about it.. but I’m still learning. And I’m not sure it’s a valuable tool for my work and life needs.. I’ll let you know.

As for other valuable admin related sites
Check out: IAAP, DeskDemon, DeskReference

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