Strategic Partnerships: Admins & CEOs

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Great presentation last night by Joan Burge, CEO, Office Dynamics, Inc. She is a very approachable person and clearly knows the culture of our career field. She joined the group of attendees for dinner and networking before her presentation.

She started off by mentioning how much she enjoys coming to DC.. and that one of the reasons she enjoys it so much is because DC area employees tend to still “Suit up” meaning we still- for the most part follow the traditional business attire in the workplace. She reiterated that image does matter! Joan, I have to tell you.. DC workers are often ridiculed for our stiff sense of dress. (But– please do check out one of my earlier blogs about my favorite peeve in the workplace.. Suits and flip-flops…)

Joan shared some personal insight as to why she had written her most recent book, “Underneath It All”. She provided key points from each chapter and took questions from the audience.

She also discussed three key attributes that CEOs consistently discuss with her- when they are referring to working with admins: Responsibility. Trust. Chemistry. Over and over, executives are looking for these traits. Her book goes into more detail about the importance of these three key points. She provided insight into the Admin & CEO relationship and why a strategic partnership is so vital to mutual success. Of course, she gave props to her own EA, Jasmine Freeman for running the Office Dyamics show- while Joan is out doing presentations and seminars all over the country.

The most personal piece that I took away from the presentation was a variation of –Do what you love. She shared how important it was to have work that fed one’s soul.. and I couldn’t agree more. Either you really enjoy the admin field.. or you are biding time to get to what work really brings joy to your heart. I’m very lucky. I love the admin field. I know it is a place where I feel good about myself, my contributions and my ability to help others move projects forward.

I will try to get some pictures of the event posted soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out Joan’s free webinar series: 26 Weeks to Administrative Excellence. It is a great and economical way to pursue professional development.

Thanks to Capital Chapter-IAAP ( and American Institute of Architects for hosting this wonderful event.

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  1. Good lesson to network with your audience before and after a speaking engagement. Recently I spoke for the first time at an event and wasn’t really sure what was expected of me in that regard. I knew what I wanted to speak about and was concentrating on the delivery not the networking.After I spoke I did stick around and talked to many of the assistants who came up to the front, but had to rush back to work so was unable to stay for the luncheon and further socialize with the assistants. They noted on the evaluation form that they would have liked it if I had stayed for further discussion. I wish had stayed. Lesson learned.

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