Skills, Thrills and Chills

Just some quick notes on the admin field and job market that I have gathered up.

Database skills are becoming a must. The more you know– especially when it comes to reporting- the more value you bring to the table. I’ve seen this with membership-based databases for associations and working with sales/marketing-type applications such as ACT! or Salesforce.

Finance. Truly a wild ride in our economy right now. However, this is not just about knowing Excel or Solomon. Do you know how the pieces all come together for your organization? Are you savvy enough to see if something is awry? Or savvy enough to see where cost savings might be found.. just by really reading through the budget of your organization or your department? If you don’t usually have access or a need to see the budget, perhaps you can talk to your supervisor about taking some time to review it with you. Best to do this after budgets are set (not while your boss is under stress) and it tends to be more matter of fact. If they feel it is too sensitive for your eyes, take opportunities to look at other public budgets such as your local PTA or county budget from a prior year, or try to set up time with a mentor to discuss how organizations project budgets.

It is very easy in this economy to succumb to gossip or chatter around the proverbial water cooler or on the walk to Starbucks. It’s amazing to me how many gainfully employed people I’ve run into that voice their unhappiness with their organization, aloud! Now more than ever, it is important to be cordial but not indulge this emotion. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen. Guess what? Your boss/your organization is(silently) counting on you to keep what you see and know to yourself. Your peers may accuse you of being “cold” or may even start avoiding you because you are not providing fuel for the office fire. Good. It is a level of professionalism that few understand…even fewer follow.

That’s it for now.

Author: AdminRenegade

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