Knowing better! No, I do not , in fact, have all the answers.

After six months of temporary work (some assignments longer than others..) I may have found my next full-time gig. I’ll be on probation for some time before a permanent offer is made.

Because of the nature of this new position, it is going to require me to take a big step back- from all that “I know because I’ve got oodles of experience”- and be willing to look at the administrative world from a new perspective.

It’s an important position- but in my mind.. all administrative positions are vital to the success of a company. What I have to work on.. is my own thought process. The position is important .. but I do not have to be self-important. Am I willing to put aside my preconceived notions of what I can bring to the job (for now) and really listen to the person who is training me, instead of jumping ahead in my noggin and thinking what I can do to fix/improve/do differently?– can I turn off my unasked for advice-giver and hear what this person is really teaching me. My need to prove how much I know/how much I can contribute.. needs to take a real backseat.

For professional admins- that have been in their position or have as much experience as I do– it can be a challenge- because we have done the work for so long- we can shortchange learning new ways or different ways because OUR way is most comfortable for us.

Being willing to learn, being thoughtful, being a good listener, trying to expand our ways.. is how we keep growing and developing professionally. I want to be the old dog that does! learn new tricks. So, it’s okay .. I don’t have the answers..but at least I know who might have them and where I need to go to seek them.

Author: AdminRenegade

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