More Reasons to Love Summertime

Happy July.

Usually this time of year I’m kvetching about the crowded Metro trains and tourists. I decided to write about what I like about summer.. not exactly a suduko-challenge of the brain.. but still fun.

1. No hosiery required. (For you younger types.. that means the pantyhose..which you may or may not have EVER worn.) I’ll even cut some slack for the folks addicted to flip-flops ..

2. Lots of people out of the office = fewer interruptions= hypothetically more work getting done!

3. Happier people.. I mean, folks are so laid-back in the summer.

4. Saltwater Taffy- There’s always at least one person that brings this confection back from their vacation.. my fillings hate it.. but I still love to eat it

5. Lunch outside- I can either hang out at a park and eat lunch or eat at the outside patio of a local restaurant.

Silly.. I know. But I am enjoying summer.. the thunderstorms, the rainbows.. and oh yeah.. no one thinks twice if I have more than one ice cream cone a day!

Author: AdminRenegade

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.