I’m all a- Twitter… IAAP Education Forum 2009

Hi Folks!

I could not attend the IAAP Education Forum this year for several reasons. However, I was thrilled to learn that IAAP would be providing updates from the convention floor (election outcomes and motions etc..) real time. So you will see that I’ve added the RSS Feed to the blog so you can see it too. Or, if you are a twitter fan.. go to Twitter.com/IAAP.. and select follow.

This is great. Just a few years ago.. my fellow chapter peers had to wait until the newsletter came out to learn about what happened at Int’l. Then I added the blog to provide a more personal viewpoint of what was going on. Here we are.. in just a short time, and individuals can get the scoop as it happens. Wonderful. Great work IAAP Staff.. keep it up.

Author: KMK Foley

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