Spending investment money on…… Me!

Stimulus/Schmimulus.. I got a stimulus package right here….

Seriously though… investments are risky now and usually any extra (if there is ANY extra) is being set aside for emergency funds or last minute expenses.

This week I decided to take my little (and I do mean, small) extra funds and invest in me; invest in my career.

I upped my membership a level in one of the web portals for administrative professionals. I worked on-line on some free Excel training. I researched the local community college schedule to try and get myself ready to take another semester of Spanish. I worked on my business plan.

I also did some other nice things for myself like- get my hair done; painted my nails (Stop laughing! I know you guys know I RARELY do that!) I did some extra Wii-Yoga. I bought a very nice Yo-Yo Ma CD to listen to at my desk- not so quiet it will put me to sleep but very mellow. And, the nicest thing I invested in..?

The sentence: No, thanks. As in, ” No. I cannot help with the holiday decorations this year.” As in, ” No. I cannot help with the classroom holiday party this year. As in, “No, sweetheart. I do not want to travel to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family this year. I prefer for us to stay home and have a quiet day of gratitude with just us.”

You know, it’s ok to say, “No”. As admins, we are constantly helping others around us– but it’s also ok for us to help ourselves. Help ourselves get rejuvenated. Help ourselves stay healthy by getting enough sleep and drinking more water. Help ourselves by being around people that are positive and full of joy, and gracefully and nimbly avoiding those people in our lives that suck the warm breath out of the living.

I made a deal with myself. My present to myself is to take a few more steps- real ones! not just talking about it.. to reach my goals. Taking time to learn a few new skills on my own, and taking time to lavish some attention on myself will help make this holiday season more meaningful.

AND, I’ll have more patience, kindness, energy and love to share with others around me.

Author: AdminRenegade

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