Resolutions, Renovations and Reservations

It’s typical that I would (like many) start off the year writing about resolutions. Turns out all my plans for the beginning of the new year were toast (not toasted)- when my daughter and I came down with fabulous full-blown headcolds on New Year’s eve. Needless to say, everything came to a halt and with Mom (me) in bed all weekend… nothing got done.

So about those resolutions? I’d say my number one resolution is to trust my instinct more. I tend to pooh-pooh my initial gut reaction and 9/10 times.. I should’ve trusted my gut.

Renovations? Renovation means (according to Merriam-Webster online)
1. to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing or rebuilding)
2. to restore life, vigor or activity

So, for me. Renovations means to return to my active participation in IAAP, continuing to write and present and to restore my EA calendar practices, which I had moved away from in December.

Reservations? This has two meanings for me.
1. Making reservations to take care of me. This means making my dentist and doctor appointments. This means taking my full lunch break and getting out to walk at lunch. This means reserving quiet time at the beginning of the day and the end of the day to gather my thoughts and make a quick gratitude list.

2. Having NO reservations about my decision making (see resolution above). I’m experienced enough in the admin field to have my check list in my head– and know the steps to prepare and execute plans. I just have to trust myself. That’s it. Of course, I’ll still make mistakes. We all do. Aiming for perfection will mean rarely accomplishing a goal in a decent amount of time… I just need to trust my instincts and know that my particular strengths in my career field of choice are valid and important.

I hope that 2010 brings more jobs, more security and more peace for all of us. My brother always tells me, “Keep the Faith, Red!”.. so I’ll pass the same along to you.

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.