Coming Soon! The Real Admins of Washington, D.C.

I had a full out laughing-so-hard- I was crying- event with some of my best friends this past weekend. After taking in a Kathy Griffin show in downtown D.C.- and listening to her take on the crazy and zany reality shows on cable networks, we decided there should be a reality show for admins!

We decided to call it – The Real Admins of Washington, D.C.

Can you imagine? I know I can! It could be modified for any of our major cities.. here in the United States and then we could take it global to London, Cairo or Paris. So much fun. We could play off all the major stereotypes of admins- The ‘Crusty’ experienced and voluptuous admin; The young, cute-as-a button admin working on the Hill; The government employee admin; The Personal (Devil Wears Prada) Assistant- admin and of course, the one alternative lifestyle or radically dressed non-conservative admin.- working for a non-profit (of course!).

Oh, the drama!
This week’s episode: Standby and watch as … You fill in the blank. Of course, this was a very silly night and we really did have tears rolling down our faces as the stereotypes and scenarios became more outrageous. Honestly, it felt great to poke fun at the sometimes oh-so serious nature of our metropolitan area and the image of our profession. Of course, we’d have to have at least one truly sane and competent admin on the show.

Well, if anyone steals this idea for their cable network.. they better come see me first! I think I’ve survived quite a few office dramas.. and I have plenty of scoop for their scripts. I bet you do, too!

Enjoy your week. And, remember.. the full moon is THIS weekend.

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.