The Business of Happiness- fascinating!

Hello from the very,very snowy confines of Northern Virginia.. In the midst of our big snowmaggedon/snopocalypse… I have had time to read a book that I pre-ordered, The Business of Happiness by Ted Leonsis. He’s best known for being the owner of the Washington Capitals hockey team. I recommend this book because it just might change your point of view about work, work/life balance and ‘happiness’ as a general discussion topic.

I’ve been following Mr. Leonsis‘ blog- Ted’s Take for several years. And I had a fascinating experience the first year after the NHL lockout — a real back & forth correspondence with a CEO. A first.

You see, I wrote him to voice concerns that the Caps PR team might be focusing too much limelight and love on Alex Ovechkin (don’t you love my naivete!) and wouldn’t the other players have a bit of a resentment? Well, Ted Leonsis wrote me back. I don’t have the proof anymore..but I am not making this up. He basically wrote me and said, – (and I paraphrase) Trust me.. Alex is great, you’ll see, and his teammates love him and there is no issue in the locker room. I was stunned. Really? How many of us get a word in with our own CEOs – much less a guy that is busier than a Catholic Church on Easter Sunday?

There is a point here -related to bear with me… I’ll get there.

So I really love his focus on the positive. On his blog- he actually asks fans to remain positive and not send him any negative emails. (Sorry to say that some fans do not comply with his kind request.) But anyhow- I tend to spend time with positive friends- generally positive environments. Though- I did not always roll this way. Life has changed for me since 1995 when a life changing moment came my way and the proverbial ‘Road less traveled’ opportunity came a knockin‘. I have worked really hard personally to change my purview … of what’s important, what isn’t, why being grateful works for me and trying to pass that along to our daughter. I’ve also tried to frame this around the administrative profession, how important our role is to the success of our firms..and to take that message to as many admins as I can on a daily basis. It’s not just ‘Attitude is Everything’ – it’s more like that other credo- ‘Do what you love, Love what you do’.

I took some time after finishing his book last night to email Mr. Leonsis and thank him. I also had bought this book and gave it to the CEO where I work because he always works to make time for communicating with his staff and I had a hunch he’d appreciate the book. Just a few moments ago, I opened my email to find a response from Mr. Leonsis.. thanking me.

So– what does this have to do with being in the administrative profession?

Administrative professionals 98% of the time– represent or create the first impression of our firms– as a matter of fact, my title at work is Director of First Impressions- what other firms would call a receptionist. Yes- I answer the phone, I sit at the front and greet people, but I also handle financial and database tasks for the rest of the office. I’d say that 85% of the administrative professionals I know love their career field because it gives them the opportunity to help others, help other co-workers succeed and help their company succeed in a myriad of ways. I know it is why this profession is a happy one for me. And for me- that happiness translates into a paycheck, a happiness to get up and go to work in the morning because I feel like a valued professional in my workplace.

Author: KMK Foley

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