Telework..Put to Work

Hello from Northern VA- almost three feet of snow later and a solid week of no school for the kids… the adults are finally coming up for air. In our region, most employees have the option of logging into voicemail and email from home. Most companies provide access to work files through a VPN. If you live outside our area and are annoyed at hearing that the Federal Government is me, I have neighbors, friends and family and their respective Blackberries/Smart phones have not let up much during the out of office time. Conference calls, proposals, webinars, traveling planning etc.. were all being taken care of from the laptop/desktop in home offices and kitchen tables around our area.

My husband’s company is based on the construction industry and believe it or not- he only missed one day of work during all of this snow event. It was the first time in our fifteen years of marriage that his office has ever closed. Yesterday, we had wind gusts of 50mph blowing the snow all over- a whiteout they called it. It was very unsafe to drive. Our public transportation systems have been unavailable. So working from home became the norm.

I think I can thoughtfully estimate that 85% of the full-time working adults in our DC Metro region were on-line or connected to work at least once a day during this week. And, I bet that same 85% is really ready to get out of their house and back to the office.. if nothing else, needing a break from home. (smile) For the public service workers, plow drivers, nurses,police officers firefighters, medics, bagel and coffee shops, grocery store clerks and so many more etc.. thank you for all that you did this week !

Author: AdminRenegade

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