Well, I guess it’s funny.. in an odd sort of way…

The office manager sent out an email today reminding staff that we had to be dressed in business attire for work tomorrow (International guests coming..). It had a very detailed description of suits, appropriate dresses and pantsuits.. just in case the staff needed assistance.

All I have is business attire… well, except for my jeans and sweatpants. I felt kinda funny.. like the odd man/woman out… and many staff members were discussing this as if it were something really new!

I found that (pathetically) funny. I guess I’ve gotten a bit conservative in my wardrobe in my more experienced (smile) years!

Author: KMK Foley

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One thought on “Well, I guess it’s funny.. in an odd sort of way…”

  1. You're not alone. Even my casual wear is suitable for work. Although I don't own as many suits as I did during the 90s, I always look overdressed coming to work.

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