The 2nd Holiday Season…And, We’re off!

Here we go –headed into what I call the second holiday season..starting with May.  While there are only two Federal holidays as we go into Summer- Memorial Day and 4th of July, May really kicks off the unspoken Frame of Time – known as obligation central.

May is filled with High School graduations, proms, college graduations and reunions

June is all about elementary and junior high graduations, weddings and vacations; and schools that end the school year in the middle of the week.. so you have to take two days vacation -since there are no Thursday/Friday camps available through your local parks and recreation center.

July is filled with vacations, summer camps, weddings, getting some sort of work done at  your home/apt such as roof replacment, painting etc…Then you have more cookouts and reunions.

I think my husband and I have been requested to attend or help with some event for every weekend of the summer.  Some of this we brought on ourselves.. but the rest is just called a ‘Happy and Busy’ Life..

Speaking of obligations-  I gotta go and get my kid ready for bedtime! Phew.. I’m ready for a holiday.

Author: AdminRenegade

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