International Officemates – Great World Cup 2010 Fun

One of the many benefits of living and working in the Washington DC metropolitan area is  getting to meet/knows so many people that are living/working/visiting here from other countries.

I especially enjoy having co-workers from other countries during the World Cup. Now, Soccer, as it is called here in the States- is called Football almost everywhere else in the world.  And, soon the next World Cup Championship ( will begin in South Africa-starting June 11.

Does your office have any kind of event tied into the World Cup?  One of my previous employers was so into World Cup that we had it streaming live in our conference room almost the entire competition.  This year, my employer won’t be doing that– but I do know several of my co-workers born outside the U.S. or that have family outside the U.S., will be very excited and interested in following as many matches as possible.  I even have one friend that is a U.S. citizen that is traveling to South Africa to attend some of the matches. 

I hope the competition is fun and gets good press here in the United States.  I know that I will be tracking the U.S. team and probably the UK team.   I can pretty much predict that if the U.S. advances to nearly win this event– Soccer/Football will begin to get much more attention.  In the meantime.. be sure to practice yelling – “GOOOAL!”  along with the announcers. 

Author: AdminRenegade

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