Late to the Game— but Right on Time: The lesson of Sue Sylvester

Okay.. most of you have already been watching ‘Glee’, but I just started.  I’m about 2/3 through the first season.  I’ve been downloading two episodes at a time to my iPod and this is where the trouble started.

You see, I’m addicted to this show and I’m staying up entirely too late every evening to watch the downloaded episodes.  It’s all Sue Sylvester’s fault. I am fascinated by her personal quirks/personality defects etc.  I can’t wait to see just how much more of a horrid human being she will become in the next episode.

The character of Sue Sylvester in ‘Glee’ is truly without filter and what appears as a complete attitude of ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass’.  She’s mean, feisty, powerful, manipulative, condescending etc, etc..  Unfortunately for her co-workers, she appears to be quite good at what she does, which is coaching cheerleaders. Her workplace political gamemanship-B-R-U-T-A-L.   Her nemesis?  A kind, sensitive, man named Will -the teacher running the Glee Club. ( No admin support characters through the episodes I’ve watched so far.)

So every night I watch two episodes of this karmic push/pull between these two characters on a t.v. show and I’ve been oversleeping and running late in the mornings. I finally figured out what was drawing me into this addiction- It’s a complete emotional replay of my first few years in the workforce with Sue’s character being represented by a far more experienced admin and I’m the character, Will. 

So, please don’t tell me where the characters are headed. I want to watch it unfold on my own.  I already know how my experience has played out.   I’m right on time with my life path, my skills and my ambitions.  I can spot a ‘Sue Sylvester’ miles away, now!

Author: KMK Foley

Storyteller. Wicked sense of humor. Tenacious learner, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.