Summer Hummer! And, I’m not talking about SUVs

I get so excited this time of year.  Summertime.  Although, I hate, hate, despise etc.. hot weather.  So, what’s to get excited about?

(hint: four letter acronym)

EFAM!  Educational Forum and Annual Meeting- International Association of Administrative Professionals.  I’ve been blogging since 2006, and last year was the first EFAM I’d missed in several years.  What’s the big deal?

Let me list the top ten things about being at EFAM this year.

10. I may spot Dustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury (See RedSox Nation)
9. Dunkin’ Donuts -EVERYWHERE!  
8. Will get to meet people that Tweet and Retweet with me.. @SuperPPN
7. Great keynote speakers! 
6. Supporting the Greater New England Division!
5. Convening with approximately 1,500 of my administrative professional peers
4. Triad Consulting’s session on Outlook 2007
3. Talking with other IAAP chapter leaders to get ideas, brainstorm and yes..sometimes kvetch.
2. Meeting the newer IAAP staff members


1. Getting in more networking and recert credits in three days than I can get done in an entire year!

As usual.. I will be blogging daily from EFAM.  However, it will be on my chapter’s blog (  Tweets will be from a more personal point of view.  

But the summer is humming with anticipation and excitement as I work with my chapter mates to get our 2010-11 program year pulled together; Get my kid off to summer camp (two week sleepaway!) and then vacation.  It’s a wonderful kind of busy.. that keeps me humming along.

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