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Life is Unpredictable.. Admins Thrive On Contingency Planning

Just a quick note to share with you guys.   As my family was driving up to Boston to meet me for EFAM I had decided that my 108K mile fab-u-lous PT Cruiser needed to be ready for the journey.  I did what a good traveler does, got the oil changed and the air in the tires done etc.  I ALSO (because sometimes other drivers of the car that happen to be married to me) might be stubborn.. I added my husband to my AAA policy just the day before I left for Boston.

Well, don’t  you know it.. My fabulous car died… 3 hours outside of Boston.  Never to travel the DC Beltway or cross the 14th St bridge again in it’s short life.  — Timing Belt– transmission disaster. 

I am so glad I had added my husband to this policy.  It allowed my family to get the car towed and get a rental on a late Sunday afternoon.   Then, to add to the fun, I became ill on Monday, while at the conference and stayed in bed at the hotel until Wednesday evening.  I had to text my chapter corresponding secretary and ask her and the treasurer to finalize and send out the chapter newsletter without me.

I didn’t plan for that one.

It’s okay though.  I planned for the things I could and (tried to graciously) accept the things I could not fix.

It’s all called ‘ Life’..    So my apologies that I did not blog from EFAM in Boston.  But I’m sure you understand!

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