Fried Chicken? Fried something.. or other.. Part One

We have an expression in our home .. when one of us has overscheduled, over committed, invested every last piece of uumph in an outside adventure.. We call it  ‘Fried Chicken’ as in.. I can’t do one more thing..because I’m cut up and fried like a bucket of chicken…’   or as in… ‘Honey.. can’t do that right now.. ’cause I’m fried chicken’.

We all have times we get like this.  What’s your solution?  

I do the things that replenish that energy source.
1. Get extra Sleep (*yes, I do sleep)
2. Watch a movie that makes me happy or makes me laugh
3. Eat more fruit
4. Listen to music or go to a show that brings me joy..
5. Read books, blogs, articles that inspire me
6. Get my hair cut.. for some reason, this ALWAYS makes me feel better
7. Call a really good friend and catch up
8. Journal
9.Ask for extra hugs at home
10.  Go workout at the gym or take a walk in the neighborhood
11. Cancel a commitment if I know in my heart.. I truly need to do so.  I’ll call the person and tell them, I’m sorry and I’ve completely overscheduled myself.  I need to stay home.  Usually their reaction is .. ‘I know how that is.. I do it all the time, too.. (overschedule).

This week it’s a dangerous combo of IAAP commitments, parenting responsibilities (doc visits with kid), adult responsibilities (car repair, laundry, billpaying)  and wanting to do really fun stuff even though I know they are scheduled too close together date-wise..(concerts, theatre show, party for a friend etc..).  Luckily, I had scheduled a day off before all this hit the fan. So, I’ve made adjustments, taken a nap, had some fruit for dessert and will now call it a day.

Tomorrow, I can wake up — rested, hopefully with a clearer head– and make my to-do list.  Trust me, it will be there and it can wait until another day.

Author: AdminRenegade

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