Why Renegade?

I love music… music changes people, changes cultures..

Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Renegades of Funk’ – references the band’s unique musical style and how it did not fit into the musical culture at the time it was written.

For me, the best lyric from the song is:

Renegades are a people with their own philosophies

They change the course of history

Everyday people like you and me

And for me to be a AdminRenegade means- my style of approaching the admin career doesn’t come on par with cultural and business world expectations of the administrative professional.  Instead, the approach and perpective I take– are quite the challenge to the stereotype of the admin/secretary/officemanager/executive assistant/lead administrator etc….

Author: AdminRenegade

Storyteller, Fan of Leadership gurus, Coffee Lover, especially Dunkin' Donuts.. and most importantly- a fierce advocate -Providing a new philosophy on what it means to be an administrative professional in today's workplace.

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