Keeping it real. What’s my motivation for bathing in the admin education pool?

Ironically I attended a conference on work-life balance – an  IAAP event in DE-MD-DC Division this past weekend.  I’ve taken on quite a bit of life this Spring.  It’s not lost on me that if I am not careful, I will be spread entirely too thin to be any good at any one task.

What’s my motivation?  I muck around in the admin world.. I mean, I talk, email, link in, write, blog, twitter, speak, and teach about all facets of the administrative profession.

What’s behind the scenes pushing me? I’m not a internationally known content expert with a line of events, books, tapes or products to promote.

Quite honestly, it’s a chip on my shoulder.  I entered the admin field and unfortunately, the majority of my peers were less than friendly, much less helpful.  I had one mentor my first few years in the profession. There seemed to be a possessive manner regarding content sharing/information sharing.  Peers were (and again, this was initially in my career) territorial about their tasks, their position and their knowledge base.  It made me sooo angry and frustrated.  To me, it was the ultimate waste of time.  An admin would let a peer work on a task or  have them search for a template for a good chunk of time before either telling them they had already completed that project. Or, worse yet, I had a peer tell me that I had been using the wrong reporting format all week.  A week’s worth of work that had to be done over. Those admins would’ve cared less about efficiencies, professional development or cross-training… any of that.

In my opinion that is unacceptable and unprofessional in the workplace. I also believe it is one of the reasons our career field has a lower threshold of respect.

I engage across all communications spectrums because I’m on a mission to educate .. just maybe,  to help that one new rookie admin that has been left out there to fend for himself/herself in their new workplace.  I aim to be a resource connector, a baton-handoff of resource information in our field.

As the title of my blog implies, I’m a renegade.  The lyric in ‘Renegades of Funk’ state: Renegades are a people with their own philosophy— and my philosophy is share my experience, knowledge and optimism of being a career admin.

Rock on, friends!


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