You’ve Got to Plan ahead… To Get Ahead


Want to be successful in the administrative career field?

  • Dress professionally
  • Show up on time—you’d think this would be a given…..
  • Ask questions—but try to group them for more efficient use of your supervisor’s time
  • Work ahead a minimum of two weeks on your calendar, especially in the summer when staff is on vacation. You’ll want to get answers from them before they leave the office
  • Keep a singular location to-do list of tasks and set reminders on your calendar the day prior
  • Confirm with your supervisor if there is ANY reason or pressing issue that needs to be addressed during off-hours and how do they want it communicated to them: text, email, voicemail?

Certainly there are many more skills and attributes to being a successful administrative professional, but the one that stands out the most to me is planning ahead – It is vital to anticipate what is going to be needed or completed!

If you’re not certain how to implement a work ahead/plan ahead strategy, reach out to the peers you admire in the field and ask for their suggestions.

Do you have a strategy you’d like to share? Post it here in the comments section.

Author: AdminRenegade

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