Stretch. Reach…. .and Sometimes You Pull a Muscle!

I have been working on this very ambitious project to interview admins each month and then post the Q&A here.

Well, I stretched.

I reached.

I pulled a muscle.  Not really.  But in the sense that I was overly ambitious and now I haven’t posted since April.

First, my apologies to my fellow admins that DO have their interviews in the post queue.

Secondly, my apologies to those friends wondering why I fell silent on my post.

A hard, but real lesson to learn.

Back on track now. Looking forward #EFAM twitter chat this week. Teaching at NVCC in June.  And a really big stretch, reach for me comes in late September/early October when I am presenting at the APC2014 at National Harbor in Maryland.

Hope to meet you at either EFAM (IAAP) in Milwaukee in July or APC2014 late September.

In the meantime, #KeepLearningKeepGrowing


Author: AdminRenegade

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