Providing Clear Direction—You’re Not Being Bossy; You’re Being A Boss

Looking at the boss’s perspective. I know I call my boss, ‘Boss’ because we have a great relationship and it’s not done in a snarky undertone. How’s your relationship with YOUR boss? This is a great article.

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Business woman. Isolated on white background.About 25 years ago I was running my coaching business out of my home office. I had an assistant come to the house twice a week to run errands and do some light bookkeeping for me so I could keep my focus on building the business and coaching my clients.

I don’t remember how it came up, but one day my husband remarked on how good I had become at bossing people around. I was floored and asked him to clarify. He pointed out how comfortable I seemed to be telling my assistant what to do. I countered and asked him how my assistant was to know what I wanted her to do if I didn’t tell her. Looking back, it was the first time I had made the distinction in my own mind between providing an employee with clear direction and simply bossing someone around.

And even with that understanding…

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