Days 15/14 –Countdown to Executive Secretary LIVE 2015- London


Yep. That’s me at the Executive Secretary LIVE conference in 2013.

Fast forward to March 5, 2015 and I’m prepping to return to London for this year’s conference.

I wanted to blog about the preparation to go, my thoughts about presenting and also to encourage others to pursue the things that fill them with joy.

When I attended in 2013, I was not sure what to expect. I have known Julie Perrine for some time and knew she was presenting. I had read Sue France and Bonnie Low-Kramen’s books and couldn’t wait to greet these two thought leaders.  I had been in correspondence with Susie Barron-Stubbley and Doug Dickerson through LinkedIn.

I also had some preconceived notions of what I thought London would be like and what the conference itself would be like.  Ha!  Remember that  old adage about ‘making assumptions’?  Let’s just say I was pleasantly disrupted from those perceptions.

First, I thought Washington, D.C. traffic was challenging.. until London. I am proud to say I was not impatient nor rude to the gentleman driving our transport unlike a few of the others on board. And, I learned that if I had taken the subway (or as you guys call it, the Tube) my transport might have taken less time. When I finally arrived at my hotel room, the view was


I had the most amazing time during my short visit. I met so many delegates/PAs from all over the world and made great friendships with PAs from Italy and Turkey, which I still celebrate today.  And one of the craziest moments was being seated next to a delegate from Pennsylvania– this was her first PA/EA conference- EVER?! We’ve also kept in touch some.

The sessions were fantastic. The social events were impressive. I must admit to feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the collective brilliance of the presenters, but in a good way. I became very quiet. For those of  you who know me, it’s hard to imagine that happening, but it did. It gave me the opportunity to just soak in the experience,to live in the moment (as Sue France strongly encouraged me to do).

So, as I prepare to return to #ExecSecLIVE, I’m remembering the joy of those few days spent with peers that inspired and motivated me to keep listening to my instinct, to continue to pursue training and speaking opportunities, to share from my experience, strength and hope as an administrative professional.

Off to grab a cup of coffee as I’m working from home today. It’s snowing–which DC has not had much of this year, but our northern states certainly have had too much of it to shovel. I raise my mug to Lucy, Matthew, Rachael, Christian and all the team members and delegates preparing for the conference.


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