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Day 9- Countdown to Executive Secretary Live – A Confession About Travel

Do you like flying on airplanes? Do you prefer trains? How about long drives to get where you need to go?

My first flight ever was from Boston, Massachusetts to Dallas, Texas and a connecting flight to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I think I was seven years old. The flight was in the evening so I didn’t really get to see anything. I don’t recall much about the flight– I don’t even remember sitting with my mother and sister– and I’m pretty certain we all were together. Back then passengers could smoke on airplanes..and that I do remember because my mother smoked Pall Mall cigarettes.

I’m not a great flier. By that I mean, I feel each and every bump. Take off rattles my nerves..but I can tell you it is SO beautiful to take off from Washington Reagan National Airport– as  you can see almost all of the awesome monuments moments after takeoff. I try not to think about the horrific happenings of 9/11 as the flight banks away from our Pentagon building– the site of one of the attacks that day.

And, I’m also happy to have resources– right at the source.. two friends of mine are pilots for major carriers. I can always message one of them if I am nervous. If they AREN’T flying an aircraft when I message them, they’ll usually text me right back and reassure me.

I travel with 3 vital tools..My Kindle, my iPod and my journal. I find if I stay focused on something else, I’m less likely to be anxious. On my Kindle I will have books, movies and performances from stand-up comics. My favorite is Craig Ferguson! On my iPod I have my meditation music, as well as about a dozen playlists to fit my mood. And my journal.. allows me to get all my ideas, poetry, short stories, blog ideas, thoughts, lists – out of my head.

What do you do to pass time when you’re traveling? Do you sleep? (I’m jealous of you!) How about chatting with your seat mates? (I don’t do this generally.. I prefer quiet travel.)

I do know two things that are VERY important when flying, 1) Drink lots of water! 2) Get up and walk a bit.

It’s all good, I am better these days about getting on planes. I do prefer trains, but that’s not a trans-atlantic option this week. 🙂 Safe travels to all the conference speakers and delegates. And remember the hashtag is #ExecSecLive.

journal (3)

Yes.. that’s an old-typewriter image and typewriter font on my journal… 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Day 9- Countdown to Executive Secretary Live – A Confession About Travel

  1. I feel your pain! I hate flying too and feel every bump! I was getting better at it (I go through phases) until my latest flight were the turbulence made the plane “shake” from side to side. I basically cried for 2 hours. Hope you have a pleasant journey over to Sunny England and enjoy the conference! 🙂

    Saba @ sabaandthecity.blogspot.com

    Posted by Saba @ sabaandthecity.blogspot.com | March 11, 2015, 9:47 AM
  2. Sis,
    Excellent writing! I too remember that first trip, along with a few other tidbits that we’ll keep private. 🙂 ..I, unlike you love to fly. But I digress. As a frequent business flier along with other members of the family, I try to ALWAYS charge everything up the night before and bring a good ole notebook(I am a writer after all)just in case I feel like putting something on paper…The other thing I do to make travel easier is to look at what I really need to bring with me. If I have a lot of extra stuff that I need there but not for the trip I will send it ahead via fedex. Not cheap, but beats lugging all that extra stuff around. I wish you and all your stateside associates safe and pleasant travels. Cheers! #3
    ps bringing a little bag of trail mix doesn’t hurt either…

    Posted by m joseph foley | March 11, 2015, 12:32 PM

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