Day 8 Countdown- Executive Secretary Live – The Balance We Seek

Good morning from Commonwealth of Virginia.

Like many other working women, I have responsibilities and obligations outside work. Over the last five years, I have focused on adding myself into that list of responsibilities and obligations.

This week leading up to #ExecSecLive is a great opportunity for me to put those practices into place.

I looked at the calendar last Friday and saw what I had coming up.

Saturday- myriad of banking errands and driving our daughter to/from places

Sunday- family obligations and my meetup with my coffee girls

Monday- Auditors at our office for our annual audit & at night, a parent meeting the high school 7-8pm

Tuesday Work 9-5 then-7-8:30 Daughters chorus concert  at the high school. Rehearse presentation

Wednesday night – Daughter gets her driver’s license and we have another parent meeting at the high school. Run errands w/hubby.

So… knowing what was coming- I scheduled some time (this past Saturday) to get an hour long massage. [Boy! Am I glad I did that!] I made certain to make my coffee time with my long time girl friends on Sunday morning.

I’ve limited my caffeine intake (no, it’s true!) and tried to spend lots of time being quiet and NOT working myself into a frenzy of to-do’s before the weekend.

It’s common to talk about work-life balance but one of my best friends puts the issue into a different context. She likens it to starting out the week with a full tank of gas in the car over the weekend, and by Thursday, I’m down to a quarter of a tank. What do I need to do to re-fuel my body? My spirit? What do I have to look forward to that will bring me joy? What do I already have– and can I take a moment or two to acknowledge those items and be grateful for them? I’m a big fan of  writing daily gratitude lists which I try to do at the end of each evening before heading to bed.

If I do these things regularly, I may not find perfect balance but I certainly keep more on an even keel.

One book I love, love, love is– Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. I’ve had my copy since 1997 and it is a well-loved and treasured resource for me.

Author: KMK Foley

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