Day 3/2 – Countdown -Executive Secretary Live – Give Credit Where Due

Giving credit where credit is due is so important. It’s important in the workplace but especially so when sharing information across social media.

I share and retweet information I get from social leaders on Twitter. But it’s so important to acknowledge that 1) it wasn’t my idea and 2) where I picked up the article/blog/photo/infographic.

You’ll see examples of this on Twitter written as

h/t-> Hat tip to @(source) for the article.   This not only thanks that person but acknowledges you picked it up off their timeline.


This is a great infographic on workplace tools via [blog name] or [other source].

This really is best practice for all social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. So as I’m posting this week, you’ll see a good deal of these type posts from me as I’ll be learning new ideas, too.

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